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About Us

MiPs initiatives/projects are co-created by planners, designers, community-based advocates, policymakers, and educators. We are working together to build a more inclusive city in the hopes of addressing more complex challenges.


We hope to provoke a necessary conversation about the institutional planning process in Toronto. Institutions operate subtle yet powerful form of exclusion that is entrenched within structures, cultures, processes and outcomes. We want to change these systems, we want to be included.

Salam/hi, I'm Mehedi Khan & I founded MiPs—Muslims in Public Space. I have a background in urban planning. The idea with MiPs began as a graduate student at York University, where some talented professors challenged me to rethink & reclaim the public realm. 

Salam/hi, I'm Linda Salem, I have a background in Art History from the University of Toronto. I am a community-builder and champion of public spaces in Toronto. I work actively to reshape my local and broader communities. 

Salam/hi, My name is Igor Samardzic. I'm an urban planner who is interested in community development and making public spaces more accessible. I've worked with a variety of nonprofit and grassroots organisations to scale projects that make a difference. 

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