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Event: Nuit Blanche

September 23, 2023


in partnership with East End Arts and Unit Balance, MiPs activated a sidewalk with Islamic Geometric shapes. The aim was to create an inclusive, family-friendly & participatory art installation. "Geometric City: Islamic Gardens" explores ways we can reimagine the public space.

Event: Arts Etobicoke

September 17, 2022


Arts in the Parks encourages community building, enjoyment of local parks, and offers arts events for residents and tourists of all ages. Events take place in parks throughout Toronto. This from Wincott Park in Etobicoke 

Event: Another City Gallery

July 30, 2022


In partnership with Park People, we reimagined Leonard Linton Park to make muslim identities visible through Islamic Art. Gallery on Islamic Art & the City 
🔧 Workshop on Islamic Geometric Shapes.

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